Somos una empresa que se especializa en el resguardo de documentos y en su administración;  ofrecemos también el servicio de digitalización de información.

Nos dedicamos a administrar el flujo documental en cada uno de sus eslabones, desde la creación hasta su destrucción.

Somos un grupo de profesionistas especializados en el área que, trabajando de manera conjunta con las necesidades de nuestros clientes, buscamos encontrar soluciones  adecuadas a sus problemáticas buscando siempre administrar la información de la manera más segura y eficiente.

Buscamos obtener:

- Reducción de costos en la administración de sus archivos.

- Tener control sobre el flujo de datos.

- Minimizar riesgos en el tratamiento confidencial de sus documentos.


Seguridad en la administración y clasificación de su información.

Destrucción confidencial de documentos.


- Administración de documentos.
- Destrucción segura - Confidencialidad

Medidas que permiten a nuestros clientes focalizarse en sus negocios centrales y reducir drásticamente el uso de recursos en actividades no prioritarias.


Contamos con herramientas especializadas para digitalizar y administrar las imágenes de sus archivos.

Tecnología de punta

Contamos con herramientas especializadas para la digitalización y administración de las imágenes de sus archivos.


La existencia de documentos físicos hace necesaria la disponibilidad de un espacio destinado a su almacenaje.
Contamos con las herramientas y soluciones que las empresas necesitan para asegurar la confidencialidad de su información.

Docufile - Resguardo y Digitalización

Servicios Adicionales

Somos profesionistas expertos en gestión de documentos , permítanos apoyar a su empresa en manejo, clasificación y custodia de archivos.

Gambling In Vegas – Know Your Edges, Create Your Edges And Know When To Quit

C. online casino websites where you can get a buzz from playing blackjack, roulette, poker or slot machines, if you are keen on casino type gambling. If you like poker, there are some online casinos that let you play poker against other online players. The good thing about this is that you can practise with virtual or pings fake money to get a feel of the card game first. That is the «try before you buy» thought.

Winning the lottery is something that most of us dream of doing. So now that you’ve won, what do you want to do with your winnings? Maybe you’ve always wanted to travel. This is now your opportunity to become a world traveler. Or maybe you’ve always regretted that you weren’t able to go to college. You now have the opportunity to get that degree! Making a list of all of your hopes and dreams can help you to find the best path to achieve them.

Besides buying more tickets, you can also enhance your success rate by increasing the number of games you play. However, you must not do this blindly. Otherwise, you may end up losing more than gaining from the lottery game. In another word, play hard but also play smart.

Another myth is that lottery winners are not happy people. A recent survey showed that lotto winners were among the happiest people in the world. The reason is obvious isn’t it? Will you be happy being rich or poor? Needless to say, its the former.

The gambler is always looking for a way to gamble more easily and to do so legally. The internet provides him or her with just that. The gambling is accessible just by logging on, and since many online gambling sites are set up outside the US territory, they are actually quite legal.

With online gambling, any player can always access their favorite online casino in any time and anywhere they want. And because it is more accessible, players can be at the great risks of being addicted to gambling. This addiction is found not only in playing in online casinos but also in land-based casinos. As the addition on gambling happens, players treat gambling as a necessity or need for his or her everyday routine. More or less, it gives them satisfaction that they are looking for, it may be the excitement of each games or the idea of winning the pot money. Also, there are players gamble to relieve the stress they have.

One of the biggest keys to quitting gambling is to know (and have organized) what mental exercises you need to do to overcome the addiction. The following are examples of some types of exercises you may want to learn.

Then you have the mobile devices. In this country 150+ million people have a mobile phone or device. Talk about a market. With this many people will have access to online gambling the next step will be to protect these people from themselves. The last thing we need is people gambling away their life saving b/c of going all in on pocket threes. Just like alcohol, poker rehab program will me mandatory.

You are visiting casinos more and more frequently. You have tried to stop gambling by promising yourself that you would not go anymore, but it never works. You keep going back to the casino, regardless of the negative consequences.

Make sure that you are careful when you are picking out the website that you end up choosing. You will find that there is a lot that you will be able to do with a website that can provide you with the care that you need. This care involves being able to provide you with necessary information, about the site and the games. You will also want to look for a site that can provide you with a large selection of games and help you to sharpen your skills with each game.

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Where you should Find loans for Veterans with Bad Credit

Where you should Find loans for Veterans with Bad Credit

Whenever veterans for the military transition back in civilian life, numerous prefer to be business owners. More and more veterans are going for to operate their very own businesses that are small than benefit another person. They bring for their endeavors the leadership, group support and work that is solid they discovered within the army. In developing company savvy they generally seek out their banking institutions for monetary help. Whatever they frequently encounter is a road block. Banks don’t often provide financing, specially to veterans with bad credit.

We Have Confidence In Giving Right Back.

For folks who have offered our nation it really is often hard to begin or come back to their small company. Conventional loan providers frequently need spotless credit and also this just isn’t always the way it is for almost any small company owner. Frequently previous mistakes in judgment or the want to place building the business before building one’s FICO get back to haunt once they seek extra working money. Leer más

Get the car loan that’s right for your needs

Get the car loan that’s right for your needs

We provide a variety of purchase and funding options to produce your car buying effortless and hassle-free with competitive rates of interest, discounts and payment that is flexible. Make use of our convenient car finance calculators to compare car loan prices and terms and protect our payment protection to your vehicle and insurance coverage choices.

Why choose TDECU for the loan?

  • Rates starting at 2.49% APR 1
  • No cash straight down solutions
  • Discounts for recurring deposit that is direct of250 or higher
  • No concealed charges, expenses, or penalties that are early-payoff
  • Affordable payment plans customized to your requirements
  • 24-hour approval of all loans
  • Terms provided that 72 months

Brand brand New or utilized automobile financing

No cash straight straight down choices available, discounts for recurring direct deposits of $250 or maybe more, with no concealed costs, expenses or very early payoff charges

2.49% – 48 Mo. – brand New car

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